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salt and sugar cured king mackerel

marinated avocado, kumato tomato, dill stock, iced dashi


two kinds of veal

glazed veal sweetbreads, tartar, stuffed morels, savoury

freshly fished codfish

nutbutter, braised leek, Vasco Sassetti Lardo, champignon

flamed Langoustine

Iberico-pork shoulder, cauliflower, Yuzu, shellfish stock

Miéral- quail breast

topinamburcrème, beetroot, braised quail, truffle 

Poltinger duck breast 

eggplant crème, wild broccoli, crispy duck leg, miso


dry aged Westholme beef

pan fried artichoks, oregano,oxtail ravioli, pine nut- vinaigrette

young rhubarb

greek yogurt, braised rhubarb, green shiso-broth, red shiso-sorbet


Valrhona Guanaja

heart cherry, ganache, cherry wood background, spruce sprouts sorbet

nine course: 258 €

eight course: 238 €

seven course: 218 €

six course: 198 €

We are happy to offer you raw milk cheese from Maître Affineur Waltmann.

A enjoyable evening wishes 

Holger Bodendorf and the Landhaus Stricker Team